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GSDCA National German Shepherd Dog Show & Trial

05.-07. April 2019

For details please follow the link below: www.gsdcouncilaustralia.org


Egypt National Show IV - 2018

- Confirmation Show
- Working Trial 9
- Körung
- Breeding Seminar

SV Judge & Körmeister : Mr. Peter Arth
Event Dates:   2nd - 3rd November 2018
Event Place:    Eastwind Facility – 6th  of October City, Giza, Egypt.

For more information:
Call us on :      +201121999901
E-mail us on :  infoREMOVE_THIS@gsdceREMOVE_THIS.org
Url:                  http://gsdce.org
Event Page :   https://web.facebook.com/events/236478706978693/

Spain 2018

Alle Informationen finden Sie unter/For details please follow the link below: http://www.siegerschau.es/


Winner Show Ecuador 2018

For details please follow the link below: www.acoa-ecuador.com


September 21st - 23rd , 2018 - Societá Amatori Schäferhunde (S.A.S.)

Wir erlauben uns, Sie auf die nachfolgende Veranstaltung in Italien aufmerksam zu machen. Meldeschluss ist der 27.08.2018. Folgende Richter konnten für die Veranstaltung gewonnen werden.
It is our pleasure to inform you about the Winner Show 2018 in Italy. Deadline for registrations will be August 27, 2018. The following judges could be won for the event:



  • lavoro maschi: (Gebrauchshundklasse Rueden/ working dogs males)
    Musolino Luciano
  • lavoro femmine:( Gebrauchshundklasse Huendinnen/ working dogs females)
    Quoll Lothar
  • giovani maschi: (Junghundklasse R/ young dog class males)
    Paffoni Giuseppe
  • giovani femmine: (Junghundklasse H/ young dog class females)
    Teubert Thomas
  • giovanissimi maschi: (Jugendklasse R/ junior dogs males)
    D'Alvano Michele
  • giovanissimi femmine: (Jugendklasse H/ junior dogs females)
    Zygadto Karl-heinz 
  • cuccioloni maschi: (Nachwuchsklasse 9-12 Monate R/ puppy  class males 9-12 months)
    Husain Imran
  • cuccioloni femmine: (Nachwuchsklasse 9-12 Monate  H/ puppy class females 9-12 months)
    Capetti Salvatore
  • juniores maschi: (Nachwuchsklasse 6-9 Monate R/ minor puppy class males 6-9 months)
    Capelli Francesco
  • juniores femmine: ( Nachwuchsklasse 6-9 Monate H/ minor puppy class   females 6-9 months)
    Motz Henri
  • Pelo lungo: (Landstockhaar/ Long stock hair)
    Gazzetta Fausto
  • Gruppi di Riproduzione : (Nachkommengruppen/ progeny groups)
    Musolino Luciano, Quoll Lothar
  • Gruppi di Allevamento: (Zuchtgruppen/ breed groups)
    Paffoni Giuseppe
  • Prova caratteriale maschi: (TSB R/ males)
    Barbanera Daniele
  • Prova caratteriale femmine: (TSB H/ females )
    Quoll Lothar

Nähere Details finden Sie unter nachfolgendem Link.
For details please follow the link below.

Baltic Sieger 2018

24th - 26th of August, Bauska, Latvia

More information and entry applications: www.schaeferhund.lv