Data Privacy declaration

Data protection and data security for our clients and for our website visitors are of paramount importance to us. The collection of your data takes place within the framework of legal regulations.

By using our website, you thereby declare your consent with the conditions stated in these legal notices. Should you not agree with our conditions, please leave our website immediately.

Every time you visit our website, access a page of or retrieve data from a file, data is stored in a protocol file via this process. This storage is exclusively for statistical purposes and for internal use. During every access, the following data set is stored:

• Name of the accessed file
• Date and time of the access
• Transmitted data volume
• Success message of the access
• Description of the used browser type
• Requesting domain. 

Additional personal data such as your name, address, telephone number or email address are not collected, except if you give these voluntarily, for example within the framework of a registration desired by you, a survey, a contest, for the realization of a contract or for an information request.
Also here, your data is treated confidentially and is not forwarded to third parties. Users have a right to receive, free of charge, information about the personal data stored about them. Furthermore, according to legal provisions, you are entitled to ask for this personal data to be corrected, blocked or deleted.

We analyse your data exclusively in anonymous form for statistical purposes for which you have given your consent. You declare your consent by sending data to us which you have entered voluntarily before in a window on our website. This happens for example when you receive information material, want to make an appointment or send us an email. We will not sell your data to third parties. We will give public authorities access to your data only if this is required by law. Our employees and third parties are obliged by us to respect confidentiality, within the framework of order processing.

When leaving  and entering foreign websites, it is possible that so called cookies are placed by addresses of the target site. Cookies are small text files used, for example, by online forums to store registered users' access data during a session. Cookies are not programs and therefore cannot cause any damage on your PC. We are not legally responsible for the placing of cookies. Please compare for the usage of such cookies and the information stored on it the data protection declarations of the corresponding websites.

We would like to emphasize that we have no influence whatsoever on the contents or the design of the linked sites. Therefore, we hereby distance ourselves explicitly from all contents of all websites to which links are provided by our own website.
We do not consider the content of those pages as ours. This declaration is valid for all links provided on all our sites and for the contents of all websites to which the provided links lead.

Unencrypted emails
We ask you to note that when sending a non-encrypted e-mail to, it is impossible to guarantee that the information has not fallen into the hands of unauthorized individuals or been tampered with during transmission.

Internet conditions
The internet works as decentralized network alliance with the intermediate storage and passing on of temporary data.
A guarantee for the exclusion of manipulation, of the inadvertent falsification and any guarantee for the use of only the most actual data (i.e. the old version is still in the cache) on the connecting path from provider to user is therefore at this time not possible.
Therefore, we point out the system-related limitations as follows: You receive this data under the standard internet conditions. No guarantee can be assumed for the accuracy of the data or conformity with the original data.

Usage of data with your consent
We are aware that you have allowed us the use of your personal data for very specific purposes. Should we want to use your data for purposes other than these, we will ask your permission. The field of use of these data will not change without your consent.

Changes of notes
We reserve the right to change these notes on data security at all times. Changes will be published here. In this way, you can inform yourself at any time about how we protect your data. The data protection declaration is valid at the moment and dates August 06th 2008.

Making of contact
Write to the following address if you have any more questions concerning the processing of your personal data:

Daniela Ruf
Tel. 0821 74002-22
Fax 0821 74002-903

The Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. reserves all rights, also that of the photomechanical reproduction, the duplication and the spreading by means of special procedures (for example data processing, data mediums, data networks), also partially.
The Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V. does not assume any responsibility for possible mistakes as well as for the correctness of the entries.