Digital Version of the SV magazine in English

Dear Aficionados of the German Shepherd,

The German Shepherd enjoys great popularity worldwide. Therefore it matters to us to offer our services also in English. This includes English versions of our website, our online-database “SV-DOxS” and a digital English version of the SV-magazine as well.

The SV-magazine as digital, English version

For our members the English version of our SV-magazine will be available every month at the same time as the hard copy is issued in a password protected area of our homepage. This service will save our readers abroad time and offers more convenience while reading in their native language.

For access to free of charge trial offers of the digital version of the SV-magazine translated into English please follow these links:

Issue 09/2016
Issue 10/2016
Issue 11/2016
Issue 12/2016
Issue 01/2017
Issue 02/2017

You are already member of the SV and want to change to the digital English version of the SV-magazine?

In this case simply send us an e-mail to:

You will then receive shortly a confirmation about the activation of your digital copy of the SV-magazine. In order to access the English flash magazine you only have to log in to the member’s area on our homepage under “My SV”. If you are already a user of our online database “SV-DOxS” you can log in with your usual login details. If not, please click on “My SV” on our homepage, and create yourself a “SV-Login”.

Please note that for all readers who opt for the digital version of the paper we will stop the postal delivery of the hard copy in German to their home addresses!

The fee that we will have to charge for the delivery of the paper in English will remain the same as for the postal delivery and amounts to 29.00 € per year. So nothing will really change in terms of the prices we charge. To the contrary: our members abroad who so far paid 49.00 € for air freight do indeed benefit from this service.

Your are not yet member of the SV?

It is important to know that the SV magazine is only available for members of our organization. This applies for the German issue (hard copy) as well as for the digital issue. However, aficionados of the German Shepherd abroad who become a member of the SV do not only benefit from the digital version of the SV magazine in English.

As a member to the SV you would also have free access to the master data of our online-databank SV-DOxS which is also available in English. For more information please click here.

Last but not least members of the SV will find at any time up-to-date information about the German Shepherd and it’s association here on our website which is also available in English.

This is a truly great opportunity for all aficionados of the German Shepherd from all over the world who wish to get in touch with likeminded people and experts alike. You are interested? Then become a member and register still today!

*Important information: the judge reports as published in the December issue of the SV magazine will NOT be translated and published in English