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Slovenian Siegershow 2019

Exposicion Monografica Perro Pastor Aleman

Serbian Siegershow 2019

41st edition of the Spanish Siegerschau

On October 18, 19 and 20, the 41st edition of the Spanish Siegerschau will be held in Valladolid.

As on previous occasions we wish to grow in inscriptions and invite all German shepherd dog fans and breeders from neighboring WUSV countries to participate in our siegerschau.

They can access the information and inscriptions through the following links:

General information: www.siegerschau.es

Registration: https://2019.siegerschau.info/ejemplares-todas-las-clases/


Herr Lothar Quoll: Working class males - Breeding groups.

Herr. Helmut Buss: Working class female - Puppies 9/12 female - Kennel groups.

Herr. Erich Bösl: 18-24 month female - Puppies 4/6 female - Breeding groups.

D. Javier Silva: 18-24 month males - Puppies 6/9 males - Breeding groups.

D. Juan Vargas: 12-18 month females - Puppies 6/9 females - Breeding groups.

D. Ignacio Blat: 12-18 month males - Puppies 4/6 males - Kennel groups.

D. Claudio Gil: Open class males and females - Puppies 9/12 males - Kennel groups.

D. Pedro Luís Gutiérrez: TSB males and females.

The long-hair classes will be judged by the same judges from the previous list.

If you need any help, you can contact by email at: administracionREMOVE_THIS@realceppaREMOVE_THIS.es

We will be delighted with your participation! Come and enjoy the Spanish Siegerschau !!

Real CEPPA - Spanish WUSV member club.


Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez Cup

Turkish & Middle East Siegershow 2019

Campeonato Panamericano de Pastores Alemanes - COAPA-WUSV