Ladies and Gentlemen – Dear Readers,

Please be informed that due to the uncertainties that the Covid 19 pandemic still entails we saw no other remedy but to postpone the WUSV World Championship (Universal) 2021 from the month of June 2021 to later in the year. The event shall take place from October 31st, to November 07th, 2021. The venue will be the town of Lerma in the community of Burgos which belongs to the autonomous region of Castilla y León in the northern part of Spain. For details please refer to

By the same token, the WUSV World Championship (IP) that was originally scheduled to be held in Finland in the month of September 2021 was decided to be postponed to November as well. Also, the venue was changed since travelling to Finland requires to go either by ship or plane which might turn out to be likewise difficult and unreliable in these times we are currently living at. Thus, it was decided to have the WUSV World Championship (IP) 2021 also hosted by the WUSV member club in Spain from October 31st, to November 07th, 2021 with venue in Lerma as well.

By the same token, please be informed that a WUSV World Championship (IP) in Finland is planned to be held in 2022 instead of Austria. And it goes without saying that the event shall also be held in Austria at a different time – the schedule hereof is still under review but the planning would be 2026.

Thank you for your attention. If further information is required please contact the WUSV Secretariat General in Augsburg.