Information about the 3rd International Championship for German Shepherd Dogs in Search and Rescue Dog and Detection Dog Sport

Dear WUSV members,

With the attached information, I would like to draw your attention to our 3rd International Championship for German Shepherd Dogs in Search and Rescue Dog and Detection Dog Sport.

Worldwide, several thousand German Shepherd Dogs are working for us every day. The special training dogs, whether in private or official keeping, are an indispensable aid for safety and security of people in government as well as non-government. But also in many other areas, be it in pest control or species protection. Whenever a major social event is due – special dogs are required in advance to guarantee the safety of citizens. Countless German Shepherd Dogs are currently serving in the police, customs- and military service or in the fire brigades, civil and disaster control or in recognized aid organizations. Thousands of people worldwide are employed with their support, training and deployment. Service dogs, whether as search dogs or sniffer dogs, have proven themselves in all services as an animal detection agent and represent a successful and established resource of aid in addition to technical detection agents. All users, whether as government or non-government providers, describe the operational value of their service dogs as extremely high.

One of our association's goals is the steering, monitoring and promotion of the breeding and training of the German Shepherd Dog as a working dog, which is used worldwide as a friend and helper of humans and is particularly suitable as a protection dog for private individuals, as a service dog for authorities, as a rescue dog, herding dog, guard dog, disabled guide dog, companion dog and family dog.

Rescue dogs and detection dogs are more important than ever in today's society, they do incredible things for us and are indispensable in our area of life. They rescue us, they protect us and save us from impending dangers. Regardless, whether employed as a search dog or sniffer dog, our breed is particularly suitable due to its excellent sense of smell and above-average intelligence for dogs. They also need both in order to always be one nose ahead of us humans as a rescue dog and sniffer dog – and to take care of us. Our dog is man's best friend, they are "used" by society and are therefore "working dogs".

For the rescue dog sport we currently use the International Examination Regulations of the FCI (FCI IPO-R). With the SV Examination Regulations in Sniffer Dog Sport (SV-PO-SGP), which we have developed in cooperation with members of Service Dog Keeping Authorities, we describe the daily tasks of "sniffer dogs" in a time-lapse and this is always based on daily practice, regardless of the compulsion to evaluate the performances shown in accordance with the SV-PO-SGP. The sniffer dogs’ working dog training is established as a breeding-relevant trial title in our breeding regulations

"The incredibly sensitive skill, the smell, the incorruptibility and above all the intelligence of the GSD make our breed the search and sniffer dog par excellence"

For the first time in 2018, we added an International Championship for German Shepherds to our National Winner's Examination of Special Dogs in order to establish an international GSD competition in the special dog training of search and sniffer dogs. In 2022, we want to continue the international activity and present an interesting event to our WUSV members who are involved in rescue dog sports as well as sniffer dog sports.

The Detection Working Dog Examination Regulations also apply in English Document.


With kind regards,

Andreas Quint