1. Joint meeting Board of Directors WUSV - SV

      For the first time since the two organizations came into existence, the SV and WUSV held a joint meeting on April 04, and April 05, 2017 in Augsburg. Further meetings are supposed to be scheduled in order to ensure the most efficient implementation of the aims of the WUSV.

    2. Transition Procedure WUSV Judges

      The former WUSV judges will gradually be incorporated into the SV judge regulations during the course of the next couple of months. The judges affected will be informed accordingly in written.

      At the same time, the WUSV member organizations will be informed about the relevant changes of the SV judge regulation, in particular item 3, in which the options for the appointment of National Special Judges respectively, International Special Judges for breeding and/ or training are specified.

      The WUSV Judges that were trained by the WUSV in the past will be given a chance to be appointed National SV Special Judges in their own country provided that they successfully pass a practical examination, or – optionally – become appointed International SV Special Judges provided that they successfully pass three further practical exams. The judges affected have already been informed accordingly.

    3. WUSV Judge Seminars for SV Special Judges

      The schedule and venue of the individual seminars will be published on the WSUV homepage. Application forms and accompanying documents will be processed at the secretariat general in Augsburg. The theoretical examinations shall be held in Germany.

      The seminars are scheduled as follows:

      • November 29, to November 30, 2017
      • March 05, to March 07, 2018
      • November 27, to November 29, 2018

      The official languages of the seminars shall be English and German.