7th WUSV Universal Championship in Austria

Gold Medals for Germany and Italy – Silver Medal for Austria

On the occasion of the WUSV Universal Championship 2017 that was held in Regau/ Upper Austria last weekend, 53 competitors from 14 different nations (even the USA and Canada were represented) fought for the highest title to ever be awarded to a German Shepherd Dog: The WUSV Universal Champion.

The competition features a combination of working trials such as tracking, obedience and protection work as well as a section for show and breeding where aspects such as beauty, anatomy and gait are judged. The competition is divided in groups of male and female dogs, and in addition to that there is a team classification.

Within the group of male dogs the winner was Elisabth Speil from Germany with her dog Perro von der schwarzen Natter (4th place for working trials, 1st place for show). She was followed by Kartrin Renner from Austria with her dog Inuk vom Weinbergblick who won the second prize for the best results in terms of working trials, and the 5th place for show, and was thus defeated by only one point by the champion. The 3rd place went to Laura Geiss from France and her dog Grisou du Niclausenholz (3rd place for both working trial and show).

The category for female dogs was dominated by the Italian team. The Gold Medal went to Giorgia Libardi with her dog Genny di Casa Libardi (2nd place for working trial, 1st place for show), and the Silver Medal went to Enzo Mascoli with his dog Cuva (working trial no. 7/ show no. 2). The Bronze Medal went to Tanja Lutz from Switzerland with her dog Mindy vom Ratsenheim after having gained the 4th place in terms of working trial, and the 7th place for show.

By the way, the best performance in terms of working trials was presented by Josef Eisenhut from Austria with his dog Easy vom Kämpferherz who took the 5th place.

The Italian team won the Universal Team Champion title, followed by the Austrian team as Vice Champion, and the Netherlands who won the 3rd prize.

The President of the SVÖ Österreichischer Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde – Director Josef Schallegruber – gave praise to the commitment of the participants who came to Austria from all over Europe and even from overseas, and he explicitly gave special thanks and consideration to the excellent organization and planning of the event. Peter Mayerl from the SVÖ in Gmunden/ Regau put together a team of 80 volunteer workers who ensured that all and everything was properly taken care of at any given moment.

For further information and results go to: www.wusvuniversalsieger2017.at

Photos: Paul Cech/SVÖ – free of charge

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