The WUSV made a choice and elected a new WUSV BOARD of DIRECTORS

On the occasion of the WUSV General Annual Assembly held on September 26th, 2022 at the MEISTERSINGERHALLE in Nuremberg the worldwide community of the WUSV – as represented by 52 member countries – elected a new Board of Directors as follows.


  1. Mr. René Rudin was reelected as Vice President and will thus be available to us for another four years with his enormous experience and wealth of knowledge.
  2. Also, Mr. Roberto Caputi from Ecuador was confirmed in his office. He has excellent international connections and serves as an important bridge between Europe and South America.
  3. Mr. Vadim Plotsker from the USA is a new member to the WUSV Board of Directors and is at the same time president of the United Schutzhundclub of America.


Congratulations! We are looking forward to the cooperation during the next four years. Please kindly support the three gentlemen in their efforts and execution of their responsible positions which are so very important for all of us.


The longtime Board of Directors member Mr. Imran Husain from Pakistan who served our community for twelve years’ time and offered not only advice and support but who also had excellent international connections – very much to our regret – was no longer available for reelection and bade farewell to the board of directors. We would like to use this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude and respect for the many years of good cooperation. We wish him all the best and are sure to meet again. He was a credit to all of us.