Ladies and Gentlemen:


The processing of breed survey documents from abroad is a very complex field of work and regularly subject to delays since the SV headquarters administration staff has to send large numbers of electronic mail to the dogs’ owners combined with the related problems such as linguistic barriers. Vice versa, the officers receive many individual requests from the owners regarding their breed surveys which likewise lead to delays in the processing of the received documents.


For this reason it has been decided that the processing of breed surveys shall be restructured from the beginning of the breed survey season in 2023 on, and the correspondence for breed surveys abroad shall only be directly held with the national clubs (this applies for the complete correspondence, the invoicing for breed survey certificate fees, and the delivery of the documents).


Please kindly inform your members that from the beginning of the breed survey season in 2023, no individual requests from dog owners with regard to breed surveys abroad shall be answered by the SV administration. Requests can from then on only be submitted by the national clubs and responses will likewise only be sent to the club affected.  


We are – of course – aware that the implementation of this new procedure will require time to inform and familiarize your members with the new way of document processing. For that reason, the new procedure shall only apply for breed surveys that will be held from 2023 on.


Clubs that already follow the above-mentioned procedure may please consider this correspondence as irrelevant.


Thank you very much for understanding and for your attention in this matter.