1. Introduction of HD/ ED diagnosis, DNA & identification at a worldwide level – specific measures scheduled for 2017

    A basic requirement for the worldwide harmonization of breeding is the speedy introduction of a procedure for safe identification of the dogs as well as a HD/ ED examination procedure in a timely fashion.

    The measures shall be binding from July 01, 2017 on, however, under consideration of a transitional period, and become mandatory from July 01, 2018 on. Dogs who do not comply with this stipulation do not qualify for a stamp in their pedigrees. Taking the blood samples for DNA analysis requires a certain expert knowledge, and the possibility of corresponding training courses is being considered. Also, the involvement of the continental directors in this procedure is a con-ceivable option. The “Four-Eyes-Principle” is a mandatory criterion in order to avoid fraud attempts. To begin with, the blood samples obtained shall only be stored.

    The foreign member clubs will be provided with GoCards, and are required to have their dogs chipped, and the blood samples taken by means of the GoCards. An evaluation of the DNA obtained shall only materialize in case the respective dog is supposed to be admitted for breeding, respectively in case a HD/ ED examination shall be carried out. The respective entries into the pedigrees will be by the SV certification stamp.

    For details please contact the secretariat general, Helga Seidel, at helgaseidelREMOVE_THIS@schaeferhundeREMOVE_THIS.de

  2. HD / ED Procedure

    It is intended to provide for a central evaluation respectively analysis of the radiographs. The images shall be taken in the individual member countries which requires a basic seminar for appropriate training of the radiologist or technical staff. These courses shall be held optionally in Germany or in the respective member countries.

    The initiation of the HD/ ED procedure shall be optional from January 01, 2018 on, and shall be mandatory from July 01, 2018 on. Radiographs may only be taken by certified radiologists, and the evaluation shall be carried out at the Gesellschaft für Röntgendiagnostik genetisch beeinflusster Skeletterkrankungen bei Kleintieren e.V (GRSK) in the town of Gießen/ Gemany.

    In case of irregularities and fraudulent behavior the license conceded can be withdrawn again. The radiographs shall be taken using state of the art digital technology. Every four years a recertification of the radiologists is required.

    For the evaluation, the currently existing contracts shall apply, however, on a medium-term consideration the execution shall be carried out by the institute in Gießen.  

    The evaluators are required to attend a consensus conference which will be held every four years. Contracts can be cancelled before the regular expiry date in case of defective radiographs or other irregularities; prior warnings will be sent out to the experts affected.

    The WUSV will conclude the respective contracts with the member organizations and the SV will carry out the procedures required.

  3. WUSV Studbook – Graduate Scheme (Attachment 2)

    Step by step, and through the implementation of the measures mentioned above the international studbook of the WUSV will take effect. The special certification ensures and guarantees that the dogs who take part in that program have been bred according to a state of the art standard, and at the same time their ancestry features the highest level of transparency.

    Combined with the additional requirements for breeding (for details please the matrix attached), for the first time in the history of German Shepherd Dog pedigree breeding a target oriented standardized scheme will be ensured for working and service dogs at a worldwide level.

    • Scheduling

      From January 01, 2018 on the procedure shall be optional, and from July 01, 2018 the procedure shall be mandatory. The obligatory introduction of the WUSV studbook is scheduled for July 01, 2018.

    • Certificate or Annex

      A basic requirement is that the pedigrees are verified by the WUSV and recognized by the member organizations. Optionally, the WUSV certifi-cate could be issued as an annex to the pedigrees as issued by the FCI, and shall include the details of four generations (plus the fifth generations in terms of inbreeding).

      Also, a WUSV Certificate stamp could be issued as a quality labelling.

    • WUSV Pedigree

      A WUSV Pedigree could be a feasible option for member clubs in countries which are not represented within the FCI, or for organizations which either do not wish to issue their own pedigrees or which are not in the position to do so.